Choose your balls according to your desired level of play.

Rubber- For bouncing pouncing fun.

Battery operated - for a challenge of speed.

Catnip filled - For a little high-spirited fun.


It's finally here! Our signature line of clothing and accessories designed exclusively for cats. No more trying to fit into something that was made for a dog! While not all cats enjoy wearing clothes and/or accessories, you would be amazed at how many do. All of our items are made by local cat caregivers, and a portion of all proceeds go to providing assistance to homeless felines in our community.         



We have high quality mice filled with all natural ingredients and covered in your choice of felt, cotton, or 100% imitation mink. We will also stuff your catch of the day in your choice of a variety of fillers. You catch em, we'll stuff em! 

Our sweaters are soft, warm, and easy to slip into. Great for wearing out on a cold day, or lounging around in on a chilly night. They are available in small, medium, large, and extra large, and all come with stylish white trim. A. This full body style comes in red (pictured), blue, brown, and black. B. This shorter style comes in green (pictured), purple, yellow, and  orange.

C. Sunglasses - Great protection for felines with sensitive eyes, or for those just wanting to look like a "cool cat!" Available in black (pictured), blue, pink, and green.




Halloween Accessories: G & H are made from novelty Halloween print and are one size fits all. Available in colors seen here. I. Halloween Cape. Brings out the "Super Cat" in every feline!






J. Reindeer Antlers. You just may be offered a job pulling a sleigh when you put these babies on!

K. Santa Suit. We saved the best for last! This purrfectly crafted Santa Suit comes complete with a full beard. Very comfortable, and easy to put on. Great for Christmas parties!


D. Party Time Lei. If this doesn't get you into a party mood - nothing will! E. St. Patrick's Day Lei. Enjoy a little luck of the Irish! F. St. Patrick's Day Hat. Great fun to wear whether you are Irish or not!


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Add a little pleasure to that necessary task. Our Scented Litter releases an irresistible aroma as you dig. Now available in three exquisite scents so appealing you will be tempted to eat them, but please don't! 

Lil Bit O'Charlie  - A tantalizing tuna scent.

Sally of the Sea - A scrumptious shrimp scent.

Mickey's Magic- A mouth-watering mouse scent.