LOST - One flea collar. If found please return to Midnight on Second Street as soon as possible. I'm itching like crazy! 

LOST - One multi color clip-on tail. If found please leave at the back door of the B & B Florists on Main Street.

LOST - Genuine imitation diamond collar. Must find. Was a gift from someone special. If found please return to Spunky in the Fish and Chips parking lot on any Friday night.

LOST - One catnip filled mouse. If found, please see Hector at the Hamburger Joint. Reward! I really miss it!

LOST - One catnip filled mouse. Missing an ear. Please return to Tiger in the alley between Seventh and Eighth Street. No questions asked.

LOST - One genuine rhinestone collar with bell attached. If found please return to Missy on Western Street. P.S. You may keep the bell.

FOUND - One bag of salmon flavored treats. If not claimed soon I'm eating them! Look for Spike on Main Street if you think they might be yours.

FOUND - Little black book with names of local cats and star ratings. For a small fee I will let you know if you are in it, and how you rated! See Hector at the hamburger joint on Broadway.

FOUND - One clip-on tail. I don't want to be spreading any "tales" but it looks like a perfect match for Patches at the B & B Florist. See Benny on Baker Street to claim.

FOUND - One six inch red rubber ball. Has three large bite marks on it. See Buttons if you think it is yours. Must be able to describe to claim.

FOUND - One mouse skin. Um... looks like it used to be filled with catnip. Hmmm.... I don't know what could have uh... happened to it. If you want it back see Daisy at the Post Office.


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