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And when you are looking for some excitement be sure to check out the "Pussycat Lounge"


​"See you at dinner!"

When - Friday, March 30, 3 p.m.

Where - Vacant Warehouse on Lawson Blvd.

Movies Playing

"The Great Easter Egg Hunt"

Cute story of kittens from all walks of life coming together for the Great Easter Egg Hunt. Teaches felines of all ages what can be accomplished when they learn to get along and work together.

"Bunny Rabbit Madness"

A disturbing movie of bunnies doing....well, what bunnies do best...converting themselves into chocolate for the sake of tradition and holiday spirit. Contains graphic and mature scenes that will not be appreciated by all. Attend at your own risk. No refunds will be given. Not recommended for kittens.



Mouse Munch and Crunch


You won't want to miss this event! Get your tickets soon from Jack or Baxter, because they sell out fast. Just ask any cat about town, every year we all have a purrfectly great time! 

When - Friday, March 23

Where - Vacant Warehouse on Lawson Blvd.

Happy Hour - 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.  Milkshakes for everyone!

Dinner - Served 7 p.m.


Greased Mouse Chase

Paper Bag Escape

Butterfly Catching Contest


Appetizer - Shrimp Cocktail

Main Course - Macaw Madness

Dessert - Salmon Cakes