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We would like all our fellow felines to come together in unity again this Thanksgiving to show support, care, and compassion towards those amongst us who are a little less fortunate.

Sometimes those of us who have a nice warm home, with humans who care about us and for us, tend to take our situation for granted. We must never forget that some of our fellow felines are in need of compassion, friendship, and some of life’s necessities.

Sharing with each other, whether it's our possessions, our stories of life in homes or on the streets, of our ups and downs, or the wisdom we have collected along life's journey, brings our cat community closer together.

This Thanksgiving, let's unite in thankfulness for each other. All felines; fat cats, rich cats, homeless cats, and feral cats too, join together in Oakwood Park on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, for a feast to remember. Those who are able to, please bring canned cat food, bags of dry food, treats, catnip, and some toys and collars for sharing would be nice too! 

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When - Thursday, November 29, 3 p.m.

Where - Vacant Warehouse on Lawson Blvd.

Movies Playing

"Wizard of Paws"

Following a hurricane, Dottie, an award winning show cat, tries to find her way home. She sets out on a journey in search of "The Wizard of Paws" after learning of the great powers he possesses. Surely he can show her the way home. On the way she is joined by a hairless cat, a tailless cat, and a cat with no meow, all in search of what they don't have. Will the wizard give them what they desire, or teach them to appreciate who they are? Will Dottie find her way home? You will have to see the movie to find out!

"Hairy Pawter"

Spells, witches, and wizards; this movie has plenty of these! Parental discretion advised. May frighten young kittens. 



Mouse Munch and Crunch