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The Hippity Hop Traveling Flea Circus will be arriving in town on Saturday, November 17. They will be putting on a show all day at Oakwood Park. If you have not experienced The Hippity Hop Traveling Flea Circus before, you are in for a treat! We recommend that you don't stand too close to the stage during the show, wear a flea collar, and a flea dip when you get home would be a good idea as well. Also, don't miss their arrival as they march down Main Street on the backs of two German Shepherds, a Golden Retriever, and a Great Dane. All dogs will be muzzled for your protection. Come and enjoy the show! It promises to be pawsitively a-mews-ing!

Every cat had a purrfectly spooktacular time at our annual Halloween Party! As you all know, due to some very unfortunate mishaps in the past, there have been some years that we have banned dog costumes. This year we allowed them, and we are happy to report that no one got hurt! There was one close call when Buddy showed up in a very convincing Rottweiler costume. But knowing the outcome from previous years of being mistaken for a real dog, Buddy lifted off the head to reveal his identity before anyone could even say hissss. The winners of the costume contest and recipients of a trophy and a bag of treats are as follows: Scariest Costume - Cinders as Catzilla, Most Original - Freckles as Feline of the Opera, and Funniest - Jack as a Hot Dog. Jack said, "I wanted to come as a dog but didn't want to risk being attacked so I decided to come as the next closest thing--a Hot Dog!" Jack had Sam at the Main Street Bakery bake him a giant hot dog bun to wear, and Frank from the Main Street Deli make a giant hot dog. Then he threw on some relish, mustard, and onions. He still hasn't been able to get rid of the onion smell, but says, "It's a small price to pay for a trophy and treats. But it is a little tough when no one wants to be around you, and they keep yelling 'you stink!'" We had a great turn out of dog volunteers for the Pin the Tail on the Dog contest and as promised each one received an "I SURVIVED THE CATS' HALLOWEEN PARTY" t-shirt.  Thanks for being such good sports, and hope we see you all again next year!


Last month Jack and Baxter decided to take a well deserved vacation to Maui. All year long they work so hard keeping everyone informed of the activities going on in our community, and planning exciting events for felines young and old. They were long overdue for a little relaxation. So they packed their bags and headed to their favorite island for some swimming, sun and sand! Welcome back, guys! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Be on the lookout for three young male cats suspected of robbing older female cats of catnip. All incidences have taken place in the alley behind Main Street. Older females are warned not to travel in the alley alone. If you must, then please be alert at all times with claws fully extended. If at all possible, leave your catnip at home, or in a safe place. Report any suspicious behavior by young males to Shauny. He's dying to give them what they have coming; and he's just the one who can do it!