Large aggressive rats have invaded Big Todd's farm out on Millbrook Road. Big Todd has reported that the rats have destroyed most of his corn fields, and have now begun chomping away on his nuts. Everyone knows that Big Todd's fresh made peanut butter cookies win him 1st place every year at the fair. And his corn always places in the top five for largest ears. Could it be an evil plan to keep him from participating this year? It may be too late for his corn fields, but Big Todd is doing everything he can to save his nuts. He says he will pay a pretty price to any cats willing to rid him of this rat invasion. Please be warned; these are extra large rats and this is not a job for any kitten or out of shape pussy cat. Only large cats in purrfect shape should respond to Big Todd's offer.  


Everyone had a purrfectly great time at Camp Purrfection, and the much anticipated fireworks show on the 4th did not disappoint. It was spectacular! Baxter and Lizzy cooked up some great meals with the help of some BBQ savvy volunteers, and the entire staff kept their promise to provide a fun experience for every camper. There wasn't a dull moment as the campers enjoyed activities led by Jack and Baxter, including, tail knotting (you really had to be there), creating fire fly lanterns, and a little game of find the nuts (this involves searching for nuts that the squirrels have hidden. What did you think it was!). Luckily, we had Shauny keeping statistics on all of the activities. On a more serious note, there was one unfortunate incident. Simon got a little too close to the edge of a cliff while spying on the dogs at Camp Fetch-A-Bone and had to be rescued from the lake. We are happy to report that the only major injuries sustained were to Simon's ego. Hope to see you all again next year!  


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I know many of you enjoy strolling through Oakwood Park. Well, if you want to continue those strolls, you had better show up for the "Paws Across the Park Protest" Friday, July 13, beginning at 8 a.m. Once again plans are in progress to attempt to turn our park into a dog park. That's right! Just imagine ole Rover and all his little buddies running amuck throughout our park. We must unite and put a stop to this before a single mutt is unleashed. Show up and show your claws. Please prepare a sign for the event using one of the following slogans: "Keep the Bark Out of Our Park", "Hounds Go Home!", "Hit the Road Rover, Dog Days are Over", or "Don't Let Our Park Go to the Dogs."


Can you believe it! The beginning of August we will celebrate our fifteenth year anniversary of this website, "MEOWSETTE." A website planned, created, and maintained by cats - for cats. We hope all our neighborhood and online feline friends have enjoyed it as much as Baxter, Jack, Shauny, Lizzy, and all our past staff members, have enjoyed working on it. In celebration of our fifteenth year anniversary, we are having a Fish Fry at Oakwood Park Saturday, August 4, beginning at 2 p.m. The Broadway Deli has kindly agreed to donate 100 pounds of their best fish for the occasion; the Queen Dairy on Western Street will supply us with 15 gallons of milk; and the Main Street Pet Shop agreed to provide an undisclosed amount of catnip. It sure is nice to have cat lovers in high places! Everyone come eat, drink, and be meowy! FIFTEEN YEARS! WOOHOO!  


Our feline community is definitely a happening place, and we have a great staff at Meowsette keeping up with the pace. Please stop by and "Meet the Staff" and get to know the hard workers who keep things running smoothly!