We are so excited to have Shaun on our staff! He's a real sports guy, and keeps track of all the official statistics at our special events. Here are just a few of the events he will be watching, recording, and reporting on this year: Yowling contest at the Valentine's Day Dance; Greased Mouse Chase, Paper Bag Escape, and Butterfly Catching Contest, at the Spring Fever Dance; Peep Eating contest at the Easter Festival; Sandcastle Building and Tug-a-War at the Summer Beach Party; Six Legged Races, Mouse Eating Contest, and Fur Ball Hurling, at the Fall Campout; and Bobbing for Goldfish and Pin the Tail on the Dog at the Halloween Party. Just to name a few! You're going to be very busy, Shaun! We think you are doing a great job! 

Meet the Staff

Jack - Senior Editor
Jack investigates all the latest mews around town and keeps everyone informed about what is going on in our feline community. He is also in charge of our high quality cat stuff we proudly offer on our website, and works hard keeping the staff at Meowsette in line!

Meowsette is very proud of its purrrrfect staff. They are hard working, well groomed, flea free, and great mousers!


We are lucky to have Alfie join our staff as our official photographer. He may be new to our community, but he is not new to photography. He has been taking high quality pictures for most of his adult life. He’s a real pro! When you see him at our special events, be sure to smile!

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Meet Our Newest Staff Members

Baxter - Special Events Organizer
Baxter works nonstop planning and organizing all of our Special Events. He scouts locations, creates games and activities for every age, and plans menus that everyone can enjoy. The great turn out we have at our events is proof that he is doing a great job!

Buster Bob

Buster Bob has been a regular at the Pussycat Lounge ever since the day it opened. And anytime there has been any trouble, he has been right there to defuse the situation. This cat has no fear! He has been seen on many occasions taking on several large tomcats at one time, and never backing down. So we have decided to hire him as a full time bouncer. Warning to anyone wanting to start trouble at the Pussycat Lounge: Watch out for Buster Bob!


Lizzie assists Baxter with Special Events, and has a burning desire to help with menus and cooking. (Maybe burning was a bad choice of a word here!) Because of her age, she is especially helpful with planning events for the kittens in our community.