​​"Drink plenty of water before and after your catwalk."

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If you are concerned about your weight and are serious about getting in shape, join us every evening at 8 p.m. behind the Main Street Pet Shop, where we will begin a one hour catwalk. We will take a break every fifteen minutes for a short catnap. Here are some tips that will also help you in your quest for a better you:

  • Cut back on between meal treats.
  • Eat smaller mice.
  • Share your catch with a friend.
  • Let the chase last a little longer. You will get more exercise, and the mouse will lose a few calories too.
  • Put an inspiring note near your food bowl that says something like "Don't be a Tubby Tabby" or "The Fat Cat Never Catches the Rat." 


Here are some more tips to keep you healthy and safe.

"Be sure to stretch before beginning your catwalk."

"Try to find a little shade for a quick catnap every 15 minutes during your catwalk."