She was loud; she was strong; she was our rock. If she didn't agree with something, she had no problem making sure her voice was heard. But she also had a soft mothering side. Always putting everyone, whether animal or human, before herself.

She will be missed so much by so many.


July 10, 2000 - November 10, 2014 


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When Dixie decided to retire, we were very lucky to have Boo Boo step up and agree to take over the position of handling all event ticket sales. Then Boo Boo really surprised us when she agreed to also take on the responsibility of our "Lost and Found" and "Purrsonals" services. It was a big task, but she always handled her job with love and purrfection. Everyone at "MEOWSETTE" will miss her generous nature. She will never be forgotten. To those who meet her in her next life, open your hearts and make her feel at home, it is her turn to be greeted with love and kindness.

On Wednesday, November 12, 2014, cats from many neighboring communities filled Oakwood Park to celebrate the life of, and bid their last farewell to, Boo Boo. Whether it was at her office, on the street, or in her home, Boo Boo always greeted everyone with a warm giving heart, making them feel special. This day was no different. As each feline entered the park, they could feel the presence of Boo Boo's welcoming spirit. And it was no surprise that the park was filled to capacity. At the end of the day, hundreds of butterflies were released to signify her flight into her next life. Have a safe journey, Boo Boo, we will miss you so much!
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