To know you is to love you.

To love you is to let your journey continue to where your four paws are destined to touch down next.

I only hope that those who greet you in your next life realize how lucky they are.

FRAIDY was such a special girl. She has traveled on to her next life. Gone, but never forgotten. Those she leaves behind will miss her, and those she meets next will be lucky to know her. We wish you the best in your future journeys, sweet Fraidy.

TIGGER - Former Meowsette Staff Member. He was such a good boy. Always loving, always cooperative, and always ready for a kiss and a hug. He loved attention and always responded with a loud purr, even while wearing a Santa suit! 

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We dedicate this page to all the kitties who have journeyed on to their next life. Gone, but never forgotten. 

If you have a kitty that you would like remembered here, please submit a picture and info to

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COWBOY - Special Friend to Meowsette. He was such a kind and gentle spirit. A real down to earth nature boy. 

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BOO BOO - Former Meowsette Staff Member. She was loud; she was strong; she was our rock. If she didn't agree with something, she had no problem making sure her voice was heard. But she also had a soft mothering side. Always putting everyone, whether animal or human, before herself. 

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SPIDER, 13, was a shy little kitty, but her love was big! She was my yogurt finger-licking, plastic bag chewing, skinny-little-mini black kitty with the loudest purr. Her absence in the house is noticed by all. Rest in Peace Spider Girl.

GOLDIE - Former Meowsette Editor. He was a very special guy, humble. . .mellow. . .pure gold inside and out. 

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HAPPY CAT - Former Meowsette Editor. She was a very special kitty, who loved life, enjoyed meditating in the sun, and truly lived up to her name; always happy and purring.

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GIZMO was such a special guy, and everyone will miss him so much. To those who meet him in his next life, you are in for a real treat! We wish you the best in your next journey, Gizmo. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. 

SHASTA - Former Meowsette Staff Member. She was a very unique kitty, with golden eyes and fur as soft as silk. She never really liked being held or fussed over too much, but was purrfectly content with a good neck scratch and a lap to sit on. 

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