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​​​A place for neighborhood chat for the extraordinary cat. Grab a comfy pillow, a bowl of your favorite munchies, put your feet up...all four of them...and relax as you catch up on the latest kitty mews, discover new products designed especially for cats, read through the purrsonals, and find out about upcoming events you won't want to miss! 

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"Having someone to share your life with is a thankful."

Spraying Hotline: Macho males may call it "marking their territory" but it still adds up to a stinky neighborhood! Anyone witnessing cats in the act, please report it immediately by calling the Spraying Hotline at 1-555-NoSpray.​

Check out the felines that keep you informed about what is going on in our cat community. They are hard working, well groomed, flea free, and great mousers!  

CATS AND OBESITY: There is startling new evidence that obesity is becoming a major feline problem. For those of you who are serious about doing something about it check out  "THE CAT WALK"

FELINE SUPPORT GROUP: Our support group, "Help for Anxiety Ridden Felines" (HARF), meets regularly. For more information go to  "HARF"

A dedication page to all the kitties who have journeyed on to their next life. Gone, but never forgotten. If you have a kitty that you would like remembered, you may submit their info here.

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